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THe Tarzan Grill

Come for the food; stay for the service!

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With fresh patties and tortillas made in-house every morning, you’ll find everything you need at the Tarzan Grill. You can come by for a quick bite—our ticket times are the fastest in West Texas—or bring the whole family and stay awhile. Soon enough, we’ll have your regular order ready without you even having to ask.

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What Makes Tarzan Grill a Regular’s Favorite?

Our chefs start making fresh tortillas at 3:00am every morning so you can have the best tortilla around for your breakfast burrito. Maybe you’re looking for authentic Texas BBQ—all of our brisket and pulled pork is smoked in-house, topped with our homemade BBQ sauce. And of course, our burger patties are always made fresh daily.

Quality service and amazing food have turned Tarzan Grill into the center of town, a place where people come every day to eat, relax, and socialize. Our friendly staff knows the regulars by name and always makes them feel at home.

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The Story Behind The Tarzan Grill

From a food truck in 2013 to a restaurant a year later, the Tarzan Grill has now grown to 4 locations. Our Tarzan & Jane Travel Centers keep growing as well. The newest location is over 13,000 square feet, seats over 100 people, and includes an HTeaO with a drive thru —a long way from our food truck days!

We do it all: Tarzan & Jane houses a high-quality, fast-service restaurant, pristine restrooms, and plenty of snacks and knick-knacks for the whole family.

Everyone deserves a gathering place where they can trust the service and enjoy the food. We take pride in being that place in our community.


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Reach out to us today and we can take care of you and your travel needs. Tarzan & Jane Gas & Grill is here to help!

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