About Us

“We came to Texas for the oil but stayed for the community.”

Our Story

We’re Seth and Zach, the owners of Tarzan & Jane Gas & Grill. The oil boom brought us to West Texas in 2012, but we quickly realized our hearts belonged to good food (let’s face it—whose doesn’t?). In 2013, we opened up a food truck with a focus on quality and customer service and have stuck with those principles ever since. 

We’re Growing

Every town needs a gathering place—the heart of the community—and that’s what we strive to be. In 2014, we opened our first restaurant in Tarzan, TX. A few years later, we added a gas station and named it Jane’s Gas. Since our food truck days, we’ve opened two locations and have two more on the way.

What Makes Us


With Tarzan & Jane, you get more than just mouth-watering burgers and breakfast burritos made with fresh tortillas. We’ve created a place where you can say “I’ll take my usual,” and we’ll know exactly what to make. We’re a one-stop shop to build community and make small town, family memories.

If you’re coming in from out of town, you won’t find another travel center like us. Take a minute to fill up your tank, load up on snacks, and experience true Texan hospitality. You’ll wish you lived nearby so you could be a regular too.

What’s Next for Tarzan & Jane?

While we will never prioritize expansion over quality, we want to bring Tarzan & Jane to as many people as possible! We’re always working on exciting developments, so stay tuned for new locations and great partnerships, like HTeaO at our Greenwood location, and a Tesla Super Charger coming to our Stanton location.

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Tarzan, TX

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Greenwood, TX

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Midland, TX

Coming 2024
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Reach out to us today and we can take care of you and your travel needs. Tarzan & Jane Gas & Grill is here to help!

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