Travel Center In
Stanton, TX

Get everything from fries to fuel at our 24/7 travel center in Stanton, TX—for travelers and locals alike

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Our Story

After starting a food truck and quickly moving to a restaurant a year later, we wanted to find new ways to become the center of town. Every town needs a place where you can be a regular, where the staff knows your breakfast order and gets it to you with a friendly smile.

That’s why we opened our Tarzan & Jane Travel Center in Stanton, Texas. We offer 24/7 convenience and support for our travelers but also have become the locals’ favorite spot for any meal of the day—from quick lunches to delicious dinners.

Why You SHould Stop BY

Our Travel Center In Stanton

Whether you’re on a road trip, passing through town, or looking for a local spot to grab a bite, our travel center has something for everyone. It’s the comfort of good food mixed with the convenience of a travel center, all in your local Stanton, TX.

We’re More Than
a Pit Stop!

If you’re just traveling through town, you’ll be tempted to stay awhile after visiting our Tarzan & Jane Travel Center in Stanton. Enjoy the best road trip mix of convenience store items and delicious food all in a friendly, clean atmosphere.

And if you’re a local, come decide which of our dishes is going to be your regular— and don’t be surprised if you have a hard time choosing!


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Reach out to us today and we can take care of you and your travel needs. Tarzan & Jane Gas & Grill is here to help!

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